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Slaying goblins? Cool. Stealing a dragon's hoard? Sure. Being stuck on a three week long, quiet journey transporting a cart with goods with two squabbling party members? Ehh... 

Not that you're complaining – considering everything, the job pays pretty well. And your two companions, Otmund and Rein, well, they can't be all bad, right? 

It's up to you in either case. Grow closer over the course of your journey and all its trials and tribulations, or keep your distance. 

Safe travels. 

This game features:

  • 50.000+ words that cover 2 storylines
  • A character and relationship-driven story inspired by DND
  • The option to romance a stoic fighter or a carefree sorcerer 
  • Scenes, choices and endings dependent on your affinity score with a character
  • 9 collectible CGs
  • Epilogues for good and bad ends
  • Battle music!!!

Party members: 

he/him. 28. 190 cm.
Race: human 
Class: Fighter 
Stoic, stubborn, and the responsible self-appointed β€œleader” of your little group. If it's not up to his standards, it's Bad, and no, there's no changing his mind. Or is there? 

they/them. 26. 175 cm.
Race: halfelf 
Class: sorcerer 
Carefree, cheerful and making friends everywhere they go – Rein is the life of the party (ha). Until you try to get too close. Maybe they have a good reason? 


I recommend a guideline of players being 16+ for suggestive content and language.

Content warnings: death, injury,  fantasy violence, swearing, screenshakes, and a very loud sound.



This game was submitted to Otomejam 2022 and Trans Representation Jam 22!


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ahhh this is the kind of game that makes me wish that i had a man like that :p

you have such a way with words!! your prose is well written and a joy to read.  otmund and rein were so precious...even if i have a soft spot for otmund, eheh. i blushed a lot on his route. u_u

i had a lot of fun playing your game uwu

good job!!!

awww thank you so much, that's so sweet!! I'm so glad to hear you had fun, thank you for playing!! <3

Qkayoo, you have absolutely outdone yourself with the complete version!!! WOW. The later scenes are somehow even wittier and more entrancing than in those shown off demo, I was laughing aloud and blushing more than once. As before, I love how you incorporate the characters' backgrounds and insecurities into their behaviors - and you added new backgrounds! And more CGs! (Rein's shirtless dancing CG, be still my heart.) And EPILOGUES.  Good and bad epilogues were equally well-written and engaging. You really didn't have to spoil us so much but you DID.

Traveller's Road is comforting and intimate all at once; 10/10 would play a million times more. Thank you for sharing Rein and Otmund with us. I'm truly looking forward to whatever you make next!

Congratulations again on 1k downloads, here's to many, many more.

oh my gosh, wudge, my heart... you always turn me into a happy blushing mush with your incredibly sweet, in-depth reviews. thank you so much dear friend <3

I'm delighted you enjoyed all the effort I put into the game!! comments like these make me feel like all that hard work was worth it. thanks for being so cool and inspiring me!! let's work hard together!!

aaa i said it on twitter but i'll say it again here-- congrats on 1k downloads!! you deserve it, and so much more!

thanks so much hawke!! ;; <33 sending you so much love!

love this so much!!!! just all of it was incredible and so much fun to read. i loved getting to know all the characters and fall in love with both otmund and rein. absolutely incredible!!!

thanks so much, what a sweet comment!! ;; <33 thank you so much for playing & enjoying!

I finally got the time to play this and it was worth every minute! I loved the writing, the pace of the romance, the mood, the visuals- I found myself pausing to admire some aspect or another many times during my playthrough.  Otmund has completely stolen my heart, but I can't wait to learn more (and fall for :>) Rein in their route! Amazing work!!

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Awww thank you so much for this sweet comment Allie!! I'm so honoured you played my little game <3<3<3
Super happy to hear you enjoyed!!

This game was absolutely beautiful in every aspect, characters, plot, and visuals! I love the little details and the subtleties in the relationships. As much as it pained me I played through to get the bad epilogues for both routes just to have more of this story!

awww hope the good endings made up for the bad ones!! <3 <3 thank you so much, you're so sweet!! so glad to hear you enjoyed!

i am literally shaking , crying and throwing up ! i LOOOOVED the game . Otmund best boi all the way although i love Rein too but ALAS I HAVE A TYPE. The dialogue , the choices given to the mc, the writing, I AM ADAMANTLY ENAMOURED AND EMPHATICALLY CHARMED. You literally had no right to make me run and yell in the hallway . My mom gave me weird looks but i love me an immersive adventuring experience . THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU MADE MY DAY <3


ahhh thank you so much for playing and for this incredibly sweet comment!! this is so wonderful to hear, I hope the game brought you the same delight your words gave me! <3


Wonderful, wonderful game!!! I adore everything about this, absolutely nothing to fault, complete perfect work of art. My god I love Otmund to death, I just want more of him. I love the way he's written, and the writing in general is just *chef's kiss*. Oh you beautiful lovely people, I can't remember the last time I've fallen so in love with a character. Such a brilliant job. Especially love the DnD setting and the art. Exquisite. Can't wait to see what you do next <3

AHH my heart!!! thank you so much <33 Your comment has officially melted me into a puddle. I'm so grateful that you think so highly of TR, makes all the late nights programming worth it!

 I really enjoyed the story. Both routes were very cute. <3  I've always thought that given the chance I might have gotten into DND and this game was further proof lol


Aw thank so much!! And yessss that makes me so happy to hear!! <3 DND is so much fun and definitely worth giving it a try!


Otmund kiss me challenge


LOL challenge accepted!!!

Amazing, loved the full release! I love your dialogue and writing, and the art fits so perfectly, can't wait for your next project !

ahhh thank you so much!!;; you're so sweet, really appreciate it! <3

I had so much fun playing through! Congrats on the full release!


Thanks so much, so happy to hear that!! πŸ’“πŸ˜Š

Loved the demo! <3 Otmund and Rein my beloveds.


Thanks so much & thank you for playing!! <33

Noooo I can't believe the demo ended when it did! It was SO good; looking forward to seeing the rest ;)

Aww haha thanks so much, so happy to hear you enjoyed!! <3 I'm hoping to release the full game soon, so hang tight!

this was so sweet, the characters are really compelling and I'm excited for the full release!


aww thanks so much, I'm so happy to hear that!! Thanks for spending some time with these two! :) <33


This game has nestled itself deep in my heart. I really love both characters, and it killed me to go back and choose the crummy options to see what would happen (but hey the completionist in me had to do it to em.)

I befriended Rein first, and had an absolute blast getting to know them. I was kind of surprised by how hot and cold they became over the course of the route, but I'm a patient bean!! I was able to wait for them to open up and gosh it was worth the wait.

Otmund, meanwhile. WOOF. He was a LOT more receptive to my advances than I expected, he wins the record for playing the best reverso uno card of the month.

Both characters are a joy to spend time with, and I look forward to getting to know them even better. My favorite part was the bathing scene, by far! So much fun no matter what you choose. :D  But hecc I was already sweating when they took their cloaks off, you were very kind to give us the shirtless sprites (and those SWEET CGs) as well. Can't wait for more, I wanna see my companions happy and getting along, even if they can't help sniping at each other once in a while LoL.


Thank you so much for this incredibly sweet and thoughtful comment!! <33 Pretty sure my heart melted just now... Thank you so much for playing and enjoying, nothing makes me happier to hear!! :)

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I just finished, that was amazing !!!!!! im so excited for the next updates !!!!! 

Thanks so much for playing & enjoying nine!!πŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’• you’re so sweet!


Wonderfully written story with beautiful art, keep making more!


Thank you so much...!!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’ž I definitely will!

Can't wait for more updates! I am so in love with these characters and their stories so far!!!


Thank you so much!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’— I’m so happy to hear that!


I just recently finished my first run through the demo and I am so ready for the final release! You've put in so much effort to create immersive settings, and honestly I felt like I was on the journey with them! You're so talented, and I cannot wait to learn more about these characters!


Ahh, my heart!! Thank you so much for playing and for leaving this sweet comment!πŸ’–πŸ’–

I can’t wait to take you along for more adventures with Otmund & Rein!

aaaHHHH omg this is my joker


screaming and crying in the club, i cannot WAIT for this πŸ‘πŸ‘ <3333

aww I see you hawke!! <3 thanks so much, I'm so excited for you to play!! <33